Laser Therapy and TBI

Laser Therapy and TBI - Transcript

Now taking a couple of seconds, just coming back where we started, how can photobiomodulation how TBI recovery. When we look at the screen here what we end up seeing is that down in this area during a concussion we start looking at an injury to the mitochondria, decrease ATP production, we have decreased energy synthesis. So right at the acute phase of the concussion laser can necessarily help the chemical cascade associated with that, but it can also help with the inflammation and also can help with the synaptogenesis. So in conclusion, photobiomodulation for brain disorders will become one of the most important medical applications in light therapy in the coming years. Looking at the brain influence and light. Dosimetry remains the most difficult and controversial element of photobiomodulation, however transcranial photobiomodulation may be able to mitigate cellular processes involved with chronic and acute concussion symptoms.

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