Highest power its class

With up to 1,000mW of 637nm, bright red and 1,400mW of infrared laser power, the LZ30 family of laser minimize treatment time and maximize results. Clinical evidence demonstrates that increased power improves therapeutic outcomes within the class 3B range.

Lightweight Cordless Operation

The versatility and efficacy of cold laser therapy inevitably leads to it becoming a favorite therapy device. The lightweight and compact nature of the LZ30 ensures that it does not become a strain supporting the device for extended periods. Cordless operation eliminates the restrictions of a tether to a base unit.


No more hunting through manuals and painstaking entry of pulse frequencies. Just scroll to the preset that you need and hit the button to start treatment. The LZ30 even has a “Favorites” section for easy access to your most frequently used presets. Presets are fully customizable.


| LZ30-P |

Home use model

| LZ30-X |

Entry level professional model

| LZ30-Z |

Top professional model



  • Power

    LZ30-P: 80mW

    LZ30-X: 250mW

    LZ30-Z: 1000mW

  • Configuration

    LZ30-P: 2 x 40mW

    LZ30-X: 2 x 125mW

    LZ30-Z: 2 x 500mW

  • Laser diode technology

    AlGaInP laser at 637nm


  • Power Modes

    Continuous, Pulse Modulation

  • Pulse Shape

    Rectangular (10%..90% Duty)

  • Frequency

    0.1 – 100kHz


  • Power

    LZ30-P: 600mW

    LZ30-X: 1000mW

    LZ30-Z: 1400mW

  • Configuration

    LZ30-P: 2 x 300mW

    LZ30-X: 2 x 500mW

    LZ30-Z: 2 x 700mW

  • Laser diode technology

    GaAlAs laser at 808nm

General Specs

  • Dimensions (W x H x L)

    1.25” x 1.25” x 5.5”

  • Laser Classification


  • Weight


Why Choose The Avant LZ30 Laser? Why Choose The Avant LZ30 Laser?

Where other treatments fail, LZ30 laser therapy provides a powerful treatment modality to clinicians who want the absolute best for their patients.


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