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Small but Mighty

The LZ30 Therapy Laser is portable, powerful and effective.

Made in California and FDA Cleared

Better Results. Faster.

The LZ30 laser has the highest power in its class—1,000mW of visible red and 1,400mW of infrared wavelengths. Clinical evidence demonstrates increased power within Class 3B lasers improves therapeutic outcomes.

Power in the Palm of Your Hand

Lightweight and portable. Cordless and compact. The LZ30 weighs just 5 oz and is the lightest, smallest and easiest to use Class 3B laser.

Ready To Go
When You Are

Fast charging with the longest battery life of any class 3B. When you use the charging cradle, your laser is always ready to go so there’s never any downtime. The LZ30 works around your schedule. Not the other way around.

We’ve Done the Work for You

No more wasted time punching in protocols or hunting through manuals. You’ll have easy access to everything you need with hundreds of protocols. We can also add your existing protocols to our laser. There’s a “Favorites” section for quick access to your most frequently used presets.

Discover The Laser Right For You

Simply the most advanced, effective and economical class 3 therapy laser on the market.


Home use model


Power: 80mW
Configuration: 2 x 40mW
Diode Tech: AlGaInP laser at 637nm


Power: 600mW
Configuration: 2 x 300mW
Diode Tech:GaAlAs laser at 808nm



Entry level professional model


Power: 250mW
Configuration: 2 x 125mW
Diode Tech: AlGaInP laser at 637nm


Power: 1000mW
Configuration: 2 x 500mW
Diode Tech:GaAlAs laser at 808nm



Top professional model


Power: 1000mW
Configuration: 2 x 500mW
Diode Tech: AlGaInP laser at 637nm


Power: 1400mW
Configuration: 2 x 700mW
Diode Tech:GaAlAs laser at 808nm


What Professionals Are Saying

Professional dancers push their bodies to the limit and fast, efficient recovery is critical when they go past the limit. As a physical therapist dealing with a host of issues from blisters to stress fractures, the LZ30 laser is my go-to device. It fits in my pocket and is so lightweight that it travels to the theater and on tour all over the world. I cannot imagine being without it! I highly recommend the LZ30 to any physical therapist and for all professional athletes as efficient healing is everything.
Heather Southwisk, PT, MSPT

Director of Physical Therapy, Boston Ballet

When I first began using the Avant LZ30-Z I was looking for a tool that could be versatile enough to use for musculoskeletal applications and also have the flexibility to do transcranial work. I’ve been using this laser for over a year and I am beyond impressed with its therapeutic range and application. The Avant is a vital part of my practice.
Nathan D. Keiser DC,


The reason why we love Avant lasers is because there has been a lot of thought and research into the function and engineering of them. They have done their research and they know the wave lengths of light that are best for healing whether for superficial joint injuries, or photoneuromodulation. We also love the flexibility that they offer with their interface where we can create our own protocols. It truly allows the practitioner to have control over the therapy rather than relying on factory presets. Not to mention it can fit in your pocket.
Dr. Matt Antonucci

Director of Neuro Rehab & Associate Professor, Plasticity Brain Centers & Carrick Institute

Why choose the LZ30 Laser?

Where other treatments fail, LZ30 laser therapy provides a powerful treatment modality to clinicians who want the absolute best for their patients.


The lightweight and compact nature of the LZ30-Z ensures that it does not become a strain supporting the device for extended periods. Cordless operation eliminates the restrictions of a tether to a base unit.


With up to 1,000mW of 637nm bright red and 1,400mW of infrared laser power, the LZ30-Z laser minimizes treatment time and maximizes results. Clinical evidence demonstrates that increased power improves therapeutic outcomes within the class 3B range.

FDA Cleared

These FDA cleared lasers provide an unparalleled balance of features when compared to other class 3b models.


No more hunting through manuals for pulse frequency protocols. Simply scroll to the preset that you need and hit the button to start treatment. The LZ30-Z even has a “Favorites” section for easy access to your most frequently used presets. Presets are fully customizable.

3 Year Warranty

We stand behind the quality of our ergonomically engineered lasers. We fully warranty the LZ30-Z laser for three years, and provide replacement part coverage at cost after warranty expiration.

Red & IR Power

The LZ30 has both red laser diodes and infared good for deeper tissues and for pain and inflammation.