Half the size.
Half the weight.
Half the price.
Exponentially more power.
And they said it was impossible.

Introducing the LZ30-Revi:
Our categorically-better new red and violet laser.

Comparison Chart

LZ30-Revi Erchonia EVRL
Price $7,800 $15,900
Warranty 3 Years 2 Years
Red Laser Power 1000mW 7.5mW
Violet Laser Power 300mW <5mW
Red Laser Wavelength 637nm 640nm
Violet Laser Wavelength 405nm 405nm
Laser Class 3B 2
Weight 5oz 10oz
Treatment Presets >2251 1072

1 – Capacity for thousands of presets
2 – 7 preloaded, 100 user programmable

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