Our Mission

Our mission is to create the most advanced and affordable lasers so this innovative technology can be accessible to more people and radically transform their ability to heal.

Our Story

Avant Wellness was founded because we saw a need for lasers that were more intuitive, highly effective and affordable. Our challenge was to make lasers easier for doctors to use so we designed a lightweight, cordless laser that fits in the palm of your hand. But that was only the beginning. We increased the power and provided two lasers in one–red and infrared— to dramatically enhance the effectiveness.

Our commitment to customers’ needs will always be our focus. This means we never stop listening to our customers and we never stop innovating.

What Professionals Are Saying

Professional dancers push their bodies to the limit and fast, efficient recovery is critical when they go past the limit. As a physical therapist dealing with a host of issues from blisters to stress fractures, the LZ30 laser is my go-to device. It fits in my pocket and is so lightweight that it travels to the theater and on tour all over the world. I cannot imagine being without it! I highly recommend the LZ30 to any physical therapist and for all professional athletes as efficient healing is everything.
Heather Southwisk, PT, MSPT

Director of Physical Therapy, Boston Ballet

When I first began using the Avant LZ30 ProZ I was looking for a tool that could be versatile enough to use for musculoskeletal applications and also have the flexibility for other modalities. I’ve been using this laser for over a year and I am beyond impressed with its therapeutic range and . The Avant is a vital part of my practice.
Nathan D. Keiser DC,


The reason why we love Avant lasers is because there has been a lot of thought and research into the function and engineering of them. They have done their research and they know the wave lengths of light that are best for healing whether for superficial joint injuries, or deeper issues. We also love the flexibility that they offer with their interface where we can create our own protocols. It truly allows the practitioner to have control over the therapy rather than relying on factory presets. Not to mention it can fit in your pocket.
Dr. Matt Antonucci

Director of Neuro Rehab & Associate Professor, Plasticity Brain Centers & Carrick Institute

Testimonials From Animal Practitioners

The Avant laser is so easy to use. When you see animals all day, it’s great to have something that’s cordless, fits in your pocket and is always ready to go. With hundreds of protocols, I don’t have to search through a book for what I need. If you use it once, clients start to demand it. The protocols require less animal handling and the results speak for themselves.
Bill Ormston


I like my LZ30 ProZ because it’s easy to carry and very reliable. The best thing is when I can’t use my needles on a flighty pet–particularly cats–I can use the laser’s acupuncture probe and still get good results. I can treat multiple points such as distal limbs on a cat that I could not do otherwise. I’m happy with it and it works great. I love this laser and use it all the time.
Tina McCollester


I have a mobile small animal rehabilitation and physical therapy service. My Avant LZ30 ProZ is a vital tool, it’s everything I want it to be. I couldn’t do what I do without it. I use it every day to provide inflammation and pain reduction and to speed healing. I’ve seen recovery for back surgery reduced from 4-6 weeks to less than half the time. Improvement in recovery time not only made a big difference for the animals, it also helped reduce the stress—both emotional and financial–for owners. I have continued to expand the scope of conditions I treat and often use the laser in combination with other treatment modalities with great results.
Tom Walsh


I researched several laser companies but none compared to Avant Wellness. I have enormous confidence in Avant–their integrity, customer support, and honesty. I lasered a trigger point on a horse which was so painful, I wasn’t allowed to touch him. I lasered for 6-7 minutes and the trigger point dissolved before my eyes–absolutely amazing! Adding laser therapy has really improved the quality of care I offer. It has also expanded my client base. From helping with tense muscles, aching joints, mobility, and overall comfort–laser gives my practice huge benefits…even dog owners are requesting it
Alden Beane

CCRA, EqTPM, MA, True Balance Animal Wellness

The ease of operation is phenomenal! I lasered a possum with neuropathy who got better and a terrier with arthritis who got better. These are just a couple of the many ways I use my laser. I would say to my peers, the LZ30 ProZ will give you better and faster results, and the owners will be happier sooner.
Debra M. Tranberg


I use a laser every day. Avant is convenient and compact. It is loaded with my top protocols from Dr Inman and Dr Ormston… I would recommend the Avant product to any and all.
Paul Johnson

DVM, Cornell ‘78

Praise From Schools

At the University of Bridgeport School of Chiropractic, we have several different models of low-level laser therapy at our disposal. The LZ30 lasers by far are the most frequently utilized, especially in our outpatient clinic. Due to its compact size, high energy output as well as its flexible and easy-to-use clinical protocols, it is the favorite of the student interns. We have been fortunate to work with the Avant Wellness team and are extremely pleased with their availability, responsiveness and support.

The Avant laser is by far the preferred modality for so many of the conditions we treat. It is extremely effective for muscular skeletal inflammatory conditions, reduction of swelling, and relief for neuropathies. We have almost unusual success in treating advanced knee osteoarthritis. We often reduce the synovitis to such a degree that we find our elderly patients can often delay—or completely avoid– knee replacement surgery.

It is important that our clinicians and chiropractic students have access to quality tools used for pain relief and rehabilitation. Logan University is proud to partner Avant Wellness System as one of our laser providers who offer technology to support the body’s ability to heal and recover.

Avant lasers are easy to use and the programs are quick. We have had great success with chronic shoulder and low back pain, either due to surgery or underlying pathology, like frozen shoulder.

We have been using the hand-held laser for many patients with shoulder and knee problems. All of the patients responded well to the laser. They experienced reduced pain and improved function after just a few treatments.

Avant lasers have proved to be an invaluable tool in clinical classes, rotations, and in private practice. They offer a way to treat areas needles can’t reach, and can magnify the effects of acupuncture, combining well with standard treatments. Much gratitude for making such a powerful device available.

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