“This is a little weapon that… in less than five minutes, I can actually help somebody achieve a level of healing that is faster and more effective.”
– Dr. Fabrizio Mancini

Enhance the power of your healing hands with an LZ30 therapy laser. According to Dr. Fab, “This incredibly sexy, powerful, and practical product is a must-have for every practitioner.” The LZ30 lasers are simply the most powerful, affordable, and easiest-to-use lasers in their class.

Top 10 reasons why Dr. Fab loves Avant lasers

  1. Small enough to fit in your pocket
  2. Powerful enough to make you wish you bought it sooner
  3. Affordable enough to achieve rapid ROI
  4. Fast. Average treatment time is 5 minutes
  5. Simple. You won’t find a laser that’s easier to use.
  6. Two lasers in one: Pick from the red/infrared ProZ or the red/violet Revi
  7. Significantly speed up the healing process
  8. Easy pre-sets for the most popular conditions
  9. Supercharge your adjustments for better patient outcomes
  10. Saves you time: Train your assistants quickly
Bonus reason: The sexiest laser you can buy!

Please book an appointment to learn more about the laser and see if it’s right for you.



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